The Crow River has approach major flood levels in Rockford.

The National Weather Service is predicting the Crow River in Rockford to crest sometime on Tuesday.  Currently (4:30pm – 6/24/2014)  the level of the river is 15.05′ and the high level prediction is 15.2′.

The levee is being inspected around the clock by staff and volunteers.  We ask for your safety that everyone stay off the levee and out of the park until further notice.

Once the level reached 14′ we are considered to be at the major flood level.  For reference, in 2011 the high level crest of the river was 13.99′.  Since that flooding event, the City of Rockford made improvements to the levee in 2009, and have established a policy and protocol for handling potential major flood incidents.

As part of this policy and protocol, city staff have secured sandbags to protect the infrastructure in the flood areas.  The City has sandbags available for purchase by people in our community for $.25 per bag.

Staff will continue to monitor the levels on the Crow River and take action as needed.  Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.  You can also track the current and projected heights of the river by going to the following website:

Flood Preparedness Map 2014