City of Rockford Candidate Information

Three candidates have filed for the two City Council Member positions (in alphebetical order):
  • Debbie Buoy
  • Jeannette Graner
  • Ted Hill
The following candidate information is provide by ECM Publication (Crow River News)  – October 23, 2014 at 12:00 am

3 Rockford candidates seek 2 open council seats

Council candidates:

Debbie Buoy
Dedication to your home town is a must in any candidate.
My dedication is easily seen through my life long employment here. I currently work at the Rockford Post Office where I have delivered the mail for 12 years. Prior to that I was manager of Rockford Riverview Estates, owned a floral shop and worked at V & S variety (remember that?!). My dedication does not end with my employment. I have served on planning and zoning for well over a decade.  I am the VP of the Rockford Fire Auxiliary which is involved in fund raising events and toys for tots.
Rockford needs to see some town growth. We need to get businesses in to provide tax base as well as community strength, while keeping our home town community atmosphere. I have been able to live here and work here my entire life and want to see that opportunity available to many other residents. Keep people here, working here! It is imperative to get strong tenants into the mall property. This property is a large purchase with building updates and expected maintenance. Although these things can be expected we need to turn any underperforming operations into efficient investments. This can only happen with the establishment of good anchor businesses within the mall site. City council voted to purchase this site and must now make this property profitable.
River Days, Movie in the park, tree lighting, farmers market and national night out are a few of the events that create the very important feeling of a well-connected community.  I have budgeted, created and planned numerous social activities and motivated and recruited volunteers to ensure success of those activities. Town gatherings, of any kind, are a crucial element to building the foundation of community. We did not have national night out in the park this year and movie in the park is at risk if there continues to be a lack of volunteers.  There are many committees that sponsor these events and they all need volunteers. Contact City hall for many opportunities to help me build our connected community!
We depend on City staff and council to perform an uncountable number of duties for us. As a resident of Rockford since the age of 5, I am proud. Proud that the community spoke up when they did not agree with the recent water and sewer rates that were proposed. This was a difficult issue for Council, staff and the residents of Rockford. Council heard the community and lowered the increases as well as presenting them in a phased in process. Our community voiced their opinion and it was heard.  Rockford is our community, our town and our voice matters. We cannot let anything like this happen again, as a community we need leaders who take the responsibility to ensure that council and staff are guided by the voice of the community. I am one of you. I want what the citizens of Rockford want. I am that voice.
Ted Hill
Candidate Biography: My wife and I have lived in Minnesota for 20+ years. We moved to Rockford in 2005 and continue to appreciate our decision to move here. I work for a global financial services company where I serve as the Sr. Vice President of Global Operations. I have 30 years of corporate experience primarily in the areas of management, operational execution, strategic planning, and financial/budget management.
I have undergraduate degrees in Economics and Management from Boise State University and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas. We enjoy family, friends and our time relaxing at the lake.
Candidate Statement: So why do I want to serve as a city council member? As mentioned above, I have a number of years’ experience in the private sector and I would like to try and leverage this experience to assist our local leaders in building a future vision for our city.
This is where I have chosen to live and I believe that this city has untapped potential. We have a steady stream of people driving through our city every day on their way to work and home. We have a river that runs through town and that brings forth opportunities to attract visitors. We are investing in our school district which is needed to attract young families. We are a small town where people still know and trust one another. I believe the community of Rockford has a foundation we can build on to attract new residents, which in turn will help us generate and support more local businesses. My ideas are not new or original. I am not sure why we have been unable to accomplish this in the past, but I am willing to work hard to help forge a future that’s based on healthy growth of our city.
Thank you for your consideration and I would appreciate your vote Nov. 4.
Jeannette Graner
My name is Jeanette Graner and I am running for re-election to the Rockford City Council. I grew up in this community and graduated from Rockford High School.
My husband David and I live on the Hennepin County side of Rockford with our two daughters, Amber and Brianna. Our oldest daughter Amber graduated from Rockford several years ago, and our youngest daughter Brianna is a senior this year at Rockford High School. I served on the Rockford Planning and Zoning for two terms prior to being elected to the Council. My role on council extends to the Council Liaison with the Rockford Fire Department. In addition, I am the President of the local community theater, 4 Community Theatre which was originated in Rockford 16 years ago.
During my time on the Council, I have worked on balancing city budgets, capital improvement projects, new developments, building an industrial park, policy/ordinance revisions and personnel issues. I have been part of the interview and hiring committee for our City Planner, City Engineer, Fire Chief, Assistant Chief and our City Administrator/Legal Counsel.
I am excited to see the changes happening in our town. With staff, the Mayor and Council have been working diligently on our new projects; including the mall, the new park building at Riverside Park, senior housing and expanded industrial development. We are dedicated and working hard to bring the types of businesses to town that the residents have told us they want. If re-elected I would continue to work hard to bring new businesses to our town. I would be an active participant in our redevelopment of the mall, as the potential at this site is great. I would feel privileged and excited to continue working with our Fire Department, as well as the other city departments.
I have always been proud to call Rockford my home. I feel a strong sense of pride each and every time I drive into our town. Our school system is outstanding. Our community is strong and dedicated to each other. This is my town, my school, my community. I know each and every person who lives here feels the same way. I am proud to be “from Rockford.” I hope to be able to continue to help our town grow and thrive in the leadership role on the Rockford City Council.