Not all Minnesotans know the quality of the water they drink.  If you own a private well it is up to you to test your water quality.  Routine testing can prevent serious health problems. One of the compounds the Minnesota Department of Health recommends testing for on a regular basis is nitrate, which is dangerous for infants and pregnant women.  Concentrations over 10 parts per million can cause birth defects and even death of infants. Nitrate comes from fertilizers, animal waste, and septic systems.

Getting your well tested is easy!!  The Wright Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is offering FREE nitrate testing at the Wright County Fair (July 26th through 30th)! Bring a 1 cup sample from your well to the Wright SWCD booth in Building 2 for onsite results. For best results run the tap for 2-5 minutes prior to collecting the sample in a clean plastic/glass container or Ziploc bag, if possible keep your sample cool until testing.

If you have any questions, please contact Alicia O’Hare (Wright SWCD Water Resource Specialist) at 763-682-1933 ext. 3 or