Rockford River Days Medallion HAS BEEN FOUND…

One clue a day will be posted by 9:00 am each day until the medallion has been found.  Please remember to be respectful of businesses and residents’ property as you are looking for the medallion.  

Clue #3 (posted Wednesday, August 9th) The Crow River is low, but don’t search these banks.  If you find me at dusk, the light you can thank.

Clue #2 (posted Tuesday, August 8th) There are trees all around and plenty of green.  You will have to look hard if I am to be seen.

Clue #1 (posted Monday, August 7th) The options are many, the area is wide, I think this city is a good place to hide.

For more information, visit the Rockford River Day’s website

Ready, Set, Go…searching for the 2017 River Days Medallion.
Good luck everyone!