Wastewater Billing Calculation (Actual vs. Averaging) Open Until December 28, 2018

Historically, wastewater rates had only been calculated based on the average water used between November 15th and April 15th and recalculated annually. In 2014 the City Council passed an ordinance to allow residents the choice between being billed for their wastewater use based upon their actual water use or continuing with the old system which averaged winter water use and billed that average as the wastewater usage over the summer months.

All residents in Rockford are assigned the averaging billing system for wastewater unless you requested to be on actual use.  You must contact City Hall between December 1st and December 28th, if you wish to change your billing system for it to be effective for the January billing.

If you do not want to be billed based upon your assigned system you can change your billing system by contacting City Hall at 763-477-6565 (press 1) before December 28, 2018. Annually you can change your wastewater billing system in December.