Proposed Change in Wastewater Billing

Proposed Change in Wastewater Billing. The Rockford City Council and Staff have been discussing and reviewing the impact of no summer water use on the averaging method of wastewater billing. Based upon those discussions, it is proposed that: the wastewater averaging be recalibrated every November; new residents be given the choice between actual and averaging when they set up their account, and that a minimum use of 2,000 gallons be used on the averaging wastewater bills that are connected to the system. Here is a brief overview of the proposed changes:

The averaging calculation period would recalibrate each November. Additionally, new residents will be able to choose between actual and averaging billing methods when they set up their utility billing accounts. The current operation of the averaging model uses the prior year’s average water use as the first month of water use during the new averaging period. Additionally, people who purchase a home that had higher or lower water use are required to pay on the previous owner’s average. Starting the averaging over each November and giving new residents a choice between billing methods will keep the average truer to what people use each year and be more equitable for the community.

There would be a 2,000 gallon minimum wastewater use for all people connected to the sewer system who are not on actual use.  Under the averaging method, newly constructed homes that receive a certificate of occupancy in the summer months have not paid a wastewater bill until the following winter (as their average use was 0 gallons of use during the averaging period). The same is true of people who leave Minnesota during the winter months or otherwise have no water use during the averaging period. The new change would impute a minimum wastewater usage of 2,000 gallons per month, which will help address this inequity.

This matter will be again discussed and reviewed by the City Council on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers, City Hall. You can also call City Hall with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. (763) 477-6565.