The Bridge – Volume 133 (06/14/2018)

The Bridge – Volume 133 (06/14/2018)

2017 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

2017 Consumer Confidence Report Drinking Water

CCR is not being directly mailed to all customers but that a copy is available upon request at City Hall.

The CCR reports for past years are available on the website:  City Departments / Public Works Department’s

Seal Coating – TODAY, Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Several streets in the Winfield Ponds Development are being seal coated TODAY, Wednesday, June 27th. Those streets affected are marked NO PARKING.

Elections Judges Needed

The City of Rockford is seeking qualified election judges to assist with 2018 Elections (Primary – August 14th and General – 6th).  If you are interested, please complete the attached Election Judge Application and return to City Hall.

An election judge MUST be:

  1. eligible to vote in the State of Minnesota;
  2. able to read, write and speak English;
  3. appointed by the appointing authority (county, city, township, or school board); and
  4. trained and currently certified as an election judge.

The two hour election judge training will be required to be consided as an election judge.

An election judge CANNOT be:

  1. a candidate in that election (i.e., is running for an office on the ballot used in that precinct, or is a write-in candidate in the jurisdiction in which they are actively campaigning);
  2. the husband, wife, parent, child, stepchild, brother, sister or stepsibling, of a candidate or another judge in the same precinct; or
  3. a challenger.

Individual who are related to each other may serve as election judges in the same precinct provided that they serve on separate shifts that do not overlap.

Individuals applying to be election judges need to declare their party affiliation, if they are affiliated with a major political party.

Wright County Compost & Recycling Facility and City of Rockford Clean-Up Day

Clean Up Day 2013 020

The Wright County Compost & Recycling Facility accepts Household Hazardous Waste and Recyclables year round.  The site is located at 505 County Road 37 NE, Buffalo 55313.  Appointments are required for all household hazardous waste (HHW) and recyclables.  Please, call 763-682-7338 during office hours to make an appointment.  Tuesdays 9am-3pm, Thursdays 9am-6pm and 2nd Saturday of the month 8am-noon.

Wright County Compost & Recycling Facility Information




The City of Rockford will host the annual Clean-Up Day was Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 8am-noon at the Public Works Facility – 6551 Utility Drive (look for the signs).

2018 Clean Up Day Flyer

Clean Up Day Map