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Important Information on How to Protect Your Health – Lead and Copper in Drinking Water

The Street Department is patching cracks and filling potholes through out the city.

The wellhead protection plan for the water department has been approved.  Rockford WHP Brochure

The Sanitary Sewer department has met with the City of Buffalo to discuss working together as an alternative of land applying our bio-solids.

Public Works consists of the Street Department, Water/Wastewater Department, and Parks Department.

6551 Utility Drive
Rockford, MN

7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday

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Public Works Staff

Trevor Brummer, Public Works Director

John Quirk, Streets

Darcy Desens, Parks

Doug Duda, Wastewater and Water

Chris King, General Maintenance

Bob Paulson, Mechanic, General Maintenance

Trevor Ratke, General Maintenance

Water and Sewer Disconnection Ordinance

The City Council passed an Ordinance at its December 12, 2006 Council meeting regarding water and sewer discontinued service.

Highlights of the ordinance are:

The City may shut off sewer or water service when: A) the charge for such service, or any other financial obligation imposed on the present or former owner or occupant of the premises served is unpaid for 60 days or two billing cycles and in default; or B) failure of the property owner or occupant to implement and maintain within 30 days all sanitary sewer pretreatment requirements ordered by the City’s Public Works Director following the discharge of 1) a prohibited substance into the City’s sanitary sewer system, or 2) prohibited levels of permitted substances such as PH, BOD, TSS in violation of City ordinance into the City’s sanitary sewer system.

The full ordinance revision can be viewed by clicking on this link

Watering Ban

The City of Rockford enforces a odd – even year round watering ban. The odd – even system works as follows

  • If your house number is 6000 (even number) you will water on  the on the 2nd & 4th, etc.
  • If your house number is 6001 (odd number) you will water on the 1st & 3rd, etc.

The University of Minnesota’s Horticulturist Department has stated that sod can be watered every other day and an established lawn only needs one inch of water per week.  Grass seed however, does need to be watered every day.  If you have grass seed planted you may contact the Public Works Department at 763 477-4346, to be placed on a waiver list.

The Wright County Sheriff’s Department enforces this ban.

Wellhead Protection Plan

The city has established a wellhead protection plan to protect the city’s drinking water.  We have been working on the plan for many years along with our neighbors and the Minnesota Department of Health. A brochure has been produced for residents regarding your drinking water  which has some great information.  Click here for brochure.

Water information Rockford Wellhead protection info

The Parks Department maintains five parks and other open space throughout our trail system.

The  Wastewater Department maintains two package plants, and 5 lift stations.

The Water Department maintains 5 wells throughout the city and three water towers.

The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is not being directly mailed to all customers but that a copy is available upon request.

2018 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water)

2017 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water)

2016 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water)

2015 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water)

2014 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water)

2013 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water)

2012 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water) / CCR Non speaking customers 2012

2011 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water)

2010 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water)

2009 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water)

2008 Consumer Confidence Report (Drinking Water)

The Street Department maintains approximately 15 miles of city streets and storm sewers.    Speed limit information

The city has a snow plowing policy that is adhered to in the winter season. Snow Plowing/Ice Control Policy

Is your mailbox designed to stand up to the rigors of the winter plowing season?  What happens if your mailbox is damaged by plowing activities? The answer depends on how the damage occurred.     Mailbox Issues

The United State Postal Service has regulations on height of Mailboxes.    Mailbox Regulations

Sewer & Water – 2018 Rates

Water $4.94 per 1,000 gallons and Base Rate $4.95
Sewer $6.85 per 1,000 gallons and Base Rate $4.95

Sewer Access Connection (SAC) $5,106
Water Access Connection (WAC) $2,342

These fees are paid at the time the building permit is issued.
Trunk Area Charges for Water are $953 per acre
Trunk Area Charges for Sewer are $901 per acre